Company Profile and Expertise: Your Partner for Software Engineering, System Integration, Knowledge Management and E-Learning

Seid Maglajlic, PhD, runs a company registered in Vienna, Austria (UID: ATU 49912901) and together with interconnective ag, offers consulting services for Software Engineering, System Integration and E-Learning.
Software Engineering

We support you in the development of software solutions according to your requirements. We are provider-independent company, and therefore we focus on modular systems, easy to integrate, extend and configure.

Seid Maglajlic has a long experience in managing complex railway related software projects. "Path Coordinaton System (PCS, formerly known as Pathfinder)" and "Charging Information System (CIS, formerly known as EICIS)" of RailNetEurope belong to his reference list.


UML (Unified Modeling Language) and agile software project management and development methods are our "territory". We apply our knowledge in software engineering and agile methods for development of prototypes and models for enterprise system integration on demand.

Knowledge Management & E-Learning

"Knowledge is power"...

Well, we can't help to those who have not got it yet... But for all others we offer the innovative and efficient E-Learning concepts. If you want to increase and distribute the knowledge of your employees within your organisation (or wider, if desired), we shall help you to achieve that aim.

Seid Maglajlic is specially interested in implementation of E-Learning in the industry. Under the leadership of Seid Maglajlic, in cooperation with Graz University of Technology the E-Learning System of RailNetEurope was deployed.
This E-Learning system serves also as the knowledge-management platform for new European concept of train identification (Train ID).

Enterprise System Integration

Efficient and stable interrelation of your systems is our aim. Through the many years of experience in system integration projects we know how to make your various applications work together efficiently.

We are leading a discussion forum on the topic Information systems in logistic (in German)
and a wiki on Software Integration (in German).

Under the leadership of Seid Maglajlic, the PCS Integration Platform was introduced in RailNetEurope. It is SOA-based platform optimized for timetabling process related data exchange between the path-planning / path-ordering systems of railway companies on one end and PCS on the other end.


Detailed knowledge on TAF/TAP-TSI (Telematic Applications for Freight/Passenger - Technical Specification for Interoperability, provided by European Railway Agency) belong to the standard service portfolio of our consultancy.
Through the participation of Seid Maglajlic in TAF-TSI Deployment Team of UIC, TAF Change Control Management Working Parties of European Reailway Agency as well as the leadership of TAF/TAP-TSI Telematic Group 4 (Train ID) for RailNetEurope, the experience and sophisticated know-how on implemetation of TAF/TAP-TSI has been built.
We are ready to share our knowledge within the railway industry sector and steer your TAF/TAP-TSI implementation projects as senior advisors.


Dr. techn. Seid Maglajlic
+43 664 913 3926
Dr. techn. Seid Maglajlic, UID: ATU 49912901, Gentzgasse 10/6/16, A-1180, Vienna, Austria, EU, sma(at)